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Status Terms

SOLD NETT - actual sold price of the unit, taking into account any possible over trades & discounts (very valuable information)

UNIT SOLD - where dealer has sold the unit but has not included his actual sold price, the advertised price is left there (not near as useful as Sold Nett prices)

WHOLESALED - where unit has been bailed out of (eg: sold to trade for resale, or sold in poor & as is condition, or similar circumstances). Would not be fair to include these units in Sold Averages.

AUCTIONED - where the unit has been sold at auction. These units marked auctioned DO NOT include a buyer’s premium which most auction houses assign to items.

OLD ENTRY - where unit has been on the market but has not been re-advertised or informed of being sold. Still useful information, however date does need to be taken into account.

AVERAGE SOLD NETT - is calculated on the actual units listed as sold below this line (check description of these units listed to better evaluate this average)

Most equipment listed as available & sold in this service generally include :
* repairs & servicing as required
* refurbishment & detailing
* some transport costs
* some installation & customer service costs
* sales commission

Be sure to make these allowances as required while appraising


A.M.D.S. is very conscious of “Attention to Detail”, and does recognise the need for Accuracy in this service. Help us maintain the highest standard as possible for the benefit of all our customers. If you see anything in this service you believe is incorrect please inform us as soon as possible.

Your feedback is always appreciated

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